Professional drummer, guitarist and composer.


Guitar, my second love.  While I was spending all my formative years practicing how to become a great drummer, I was honing my ear for guitar playing and song-writing.  My dad was a drummer, but he always encouraged me to listen to guitar players. Eventually, I picked up a guitar in my early teens but quickly got frustrated and put it back down.  At some point in high school my friends were all starting to buy guitars, so I jumped on the band wagon and gave it a shot once again.  I've never looked back!  I was already familiar with Rock and Blues, which I easily taught myself how to play.  Those styles kept me satisfied for quite some time, as they are among my favorite musical genres.  Yet as I kept playing, I started to feel limited, and I decided to venture into jazz territory.  When I teach guitar, I teach students how to feel the notes.  The guitar is such an expressive needs to be played expressively.  I've always believed that "less is more" with guitar playing.  It's not about the speed or how many notes you can squeeze into a lick.  It's more about hitting that one note, letting it breathe, and developing that signature sound that is unmistakable, a la Eric Clapton.